Viscount Gort

Charismatic Barbarian Brawler


A figure of rippling muscle and flowing locks, the Viscount Gort eschews most clothing and weapons, to show the hardship of his people, he claims. A figure who is used to being obeyed, the Viscount’s regal demeanor bespeaks his noble background.


Viscount Gort often tells of the tragedy of his people, a once proud culture brought down by their wicked rivals; now, Viscount Gort is the sole survivor of his the nobility and lives life by a variety of oaths, taboos, and regulations to which he rigidly submits (unless inconvenient). The Viscount is searching for a sacred weapon lost to his people for centuries, but before this, he has vowed never to use another weapon. With this sacred relic, he will restore his sundered empire and take his true place as King Gort. In the meantime, he travels the land honing his wresting skills and meeting new allies in the fight against his enemies.

Viscount Gort

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